Help is Available

Should you experience severe symptoms from cannabis use, such as disorientation, shaking, shortness of breath, paranoia, hallucinations, and/or vomiting, seek immediate medical assistance.


Call 9-1-1 right away to save a life or report a crime.

Call 8-1-1 telehealth for non-emergency health information.

Call Addiction Services toll-free 1-888-299-8399 to get help with addiction.

Featured Resources

Cannabis and Parenting - download to print

Read Up Before You Light Up for young adults - download to print

Know the Laws on Cannabis fact sheet - download to print

Talking to Youth about Cannabis fact sheet for parents & caregivers - download to print

Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk with Your Teen for parents & caregivers - download to print

2018 PEI Cannabis Survey Report & Infographic - download


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Visit for details about cannabis policy and laws.

Contact a local police department non-emergency line with information on organized crime and criminal activity that is not immediately life-threatening.

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